Venice Beach: The People, The Palms, The Promenade

I finally made it to the North American continent! This means I have officially set foot on all 5 continents on this planet. Woo HOO!
I had to complete a course in Southern California which allowed us weekends off. So let’s start with my first weekend which begins at the popular Venice Beach, Los Angeles!

Venice BeachDSC_0130

For my first few days, I opted to stay at Venice Beach. Venice beach is just one of the many amazing beach cities along the L.A coast, but Venice Beach is ideal if you plan on exploring the rest of Los Angeles as it’s near the airport and not too far a drive from all the other big attractions such as Hollywood, Santa Monica and Downtown L.A.


The Boardwalk

I LOVED Venice Beach!! Besides its easy location, this place is just never boring. It’s one of the most colourful places in terms of personality I’ve ever been to.  The boardwalk is a flurry of activity whole night and day. There were some unique characters visiting the walk, and sometimes you will be treated to live music and performance shows. The people who wander this boardwalk are more than just tourists and surfies, you’ll find the very fabric of L.A and what makes up the SoCal lifestyle. Buildings that line the walk are mainly of stores, surf rentals, restaurants and souvenir shops.

The Beach

 The waters of the Pacific Ocean is warm and pleasant, and perfect for a swim. The beach was safe and clean and even offered wifi. They offer surf lessons too. For those of you who watched Baywatch back in the day, L.A’s coast line served as the inspiration and location for where the story was set. You can find those iconic lifeguard stations all along the beach. Nobody was allowed to actually go up on the lifeguard station, but when was left abandoned I took my chance and ran up. I got one of the beach goers to take my pic :p!


You can find really cool graffiti murals along the beach and in between the skate park. Venice beach is a real fusion of L.A street and laid back beach culture. It’s the ultimate summer holiday package! The whole place is filled with health fundies, surfing, skateboarding, rollerblading, weightlifting, yoga and cycling.  I decided to join in and rent a bike and cycle up to the famous Santa Monica pier.

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is really cool, with lots of restaurants and a theme park right on the beach. It’s even more beautiful at night. In the evening they had a free concert and party on the beach too.

Venice Beach Sunsets

The sunsets here are epic, and are different colours every night depending on the weather of the day. I just could not get enough of them.


Venice Eats

Smoothie shops dominate the boardwalk, but there are also really cheap and mid range priced restaurants. Across from my hostel, there was a really cool pace that sold some serious smoothies, milkshakes and tea!

One of the best lunches was The Wee Chippy, a small tuck shop style store where you can order a decent sized portion of fish and chips. It was really good and the chips were on another level with a variety of spices to choose from!


Seeing as everything is far away, and I really wanted to focus on having a few days on the beach, I decided to stay nearby. I stayed at Venice Beach Hostel, which was literally on the beach and boardwalk. Summer rates are expensive, but you save a lot on transport in going to the beach and it was just a really cool vibe. The hostel offers free breakfast (waffles and potatoes) with complimentary tea and coffee. Friendly staff and clean conditions, I really couldn’t complain.


Los Angeles is not a public transit city. There are buses, but they’re slow and the city is really far spread out. You could do the open tour bus, but you can’ do the whole city in one day. I used Uber as I was only staying there a weekend. I would recommend  renting a car if you are going to stay longer and plan on traveling around the state.


Travel Tips:

  • If it’s your first time coming to the U.S.A, please note that taxes are not included in the prices advertised on goods and services. This included the hostel. I was surprised to have to pay more at the front desk.
  • Be sure to not leave any food stuff unattended on the beach, the sea gulls are another level of crazy and greedy!
  • Prices for food on Venice were rather ok, and catered for all budgets.
  • Prices in the summer for accommodation in L.A are high, but I think it’s best to choose a location nearby to the city or beach as everything is far from one another.

Safe Travelin’



12 thoughts on “Venice Beach: The People, The Palms, The Promenade

  1. I visited Venice Beach last year for the first time – can’t say I liked it at all. A little too dirty and far too many eccentric/interesting characters along the promenade for my liking. The beach is amazing though!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Craig. I guess the crazy characters made it all the more fun for me. I was sure to only stay weekends there! I think Southern California in general has that vibe!

  2. First, congratulations! You hit two of the best spots in LA! My granddaughter lives in Santa Monica so we have explored those two places well!

  3. Venice Beach seems like a really quirky place to visit. I love the colourful street art in the photos. My friends and I are possibly going to California next year and I definitely want to hit up Venice Beach.

    And yes not having the taxes included in the price is really annoying. I’m from Canada, and it’s the same thing here unfortunately.

  4. Congratulations for making it to your fifth continent! I love your pictures, makes me wish summer was still here. Venice Beach looks wonderful, and those sunsets, just wow! The wee chippy looks good; are the owners Scottish?!

  5. I’ve lived in Southern California for 17 years and still haven’t been to Venice Beach. Pretty sad but just never appealed to me. I’m sure I will visit eventually as I’ve been to Santa Monica a handful of times. I do like your pictures of Boardwalk and the colorful buildings they have so that would be the main attraction for me.

  6. Glad you enjoyed your time in the US. I haven’t been to Venice Beach since I was a child, but I remember thinking it was so cool and colorful, too. Would love to go back and get a new perspective as an adult.

  7. This looks like such a fun place to visit! I love the fact you were able to sneak up to the lifeguard platform to get a photo there! That’s awesome. Venice Beach really seems pretty vibrant and lively. I didn’t realise there were so many murals and street art. Those sunsets are pretty spectacular!

  8. Venice Beach looks absolutely stunning. The colorful streets, delicious food joints and the whole energy is absolutely great to holiday there. I loved your sunset pictures. Travel tips are great help

  9. First of all congratulations that you are ticking off 5 continents from your list. Haven’t been to this beach yet but LA is something I would like to visit soon. Will surely keep this in mind. Keep exploring more 🙂

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