La Vie en Paris!

Read about my experiences as a fashion business student living in Paris, France. Also check out my travel tips for visiting and living in the world’s famous fashion capital!



Le Jardin de Luxembourgluxfeat

The Jardin du Luxembourg was one of my favourite places to take a break from my studies and get some fresh air. The garden was nearby my home in the 15th arrondissement in Paris, and it was the ideal place to catch some warm sun while enjoying the pretty views. The garden is much quieter than the popular Tuileries Garden by the Louvre, and much smaller, but it was pretty little haven to escape and unwind…(click to read more)


tuesDAY, 25 OCTOBER 2016title

Reflections of a year in Paris

I spent just over a year living in Paris, France. I arrived at the end of 2014, and left just a little bit over a year in 2015. It’s been almost a year since I have left France, so I’ll share with you the main events and aspects of the city that helped defined my stay…..(click to read more)





The Aquamoon Spa Day In Paris

Now, how can I go to a country and NOT have a massage? Unlike South East Asia, massages ad spa treatments are not a speciality in Europe and can be very pricey. You won’t get a treatment for both hot spa and a full body massage for under $20 here!…(click to read more)




Lovely Lyon

Paris offers many delights that will never leave you bored, however if you decide to visit France do try and make an effort to see more of it. Paris is but a fraction of the country, and there is so much more to see in the other smaller cities…(click to read more)




I’ve always seen such pretty pics with the Eiffel Tower amidst cherry blossoms! So one sunny day, I went out with my camera. I love pink!…(click to read more)




Visiting Quasimodo: A trip to Notre Dame Cathedral

On arriving in Paris on my very first weekend, I did those open roof bus tours to get a quick overview of the layout of the city. Notre Dame was on the list, but I wanted to go on a grey and cloudy day to take the best photos. I felt the stone work and gothic architecture would be perfect against a dull and grey day…(click to read more)



On yet another cold, rainy Spring day in Paris, I decided to to finally the see the famous Museum of the Middle Ages or in French Musee Du Moyen Age…(click to read more)



SUNDAY, 26 JUNE 2016

A night at the Palais de Tokyo

I found myself freezing my toes off waiting in a super long line for a free exhibition and
party at the Musee Palais de Tokyo in Paris last week. I had only drove by the museum, but was never inside it. By invite and suggestion of a friend, I decided this was my chance to finally see it. Plus, It was totally free!

The event was the “Le Bord des Mondes” (The Edge of the World) exhibition which questions whether things that aren’t traditionally considered art can actually be made into art….(click to read more)


monday, 26 june 2016

So What’s Paris Fashion Week Really Like?

The Fashion Weeks have become a holy month that creates the ultimate Style Bible for every season’s latest looks.

We are swamped with photographs of the famous and not-so-famous all dressed up in their finest, hoping to be featured on the “Street Style” pages of all the famous …(click to read more)


saturday, 25 June 2016

Looking into Lesage, Master Embroiders of Paris

Last year, I got yet another amazing opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at what goes behind the creation of beautiful French fashion. I got to visit the famous Lesage, which was once a small workshop, and now a booming multinational business specialising in hand-made embroidery mainly used for Haute Couture…(click to read more)

friDAY, 24 june 2016

A Visit To The House of Coco Chanel

I had the rare and extremely amazing privilege to visit to the Parisian apartment of the founder and creator of the brand Chanel, Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel!!!…(click to read more)





Charming NantesIMG_20150620_145509

Nantes is a small city in the West of France, and proved to be quite charming. Nantes formerly served as a trading post for the colonial days in France. It has a quiet a sad history as it also served as the main trading ports for slavery across the world.We had to go to Nantes on a quick study trip on local textile manufacturing for fashion and apparel….(click to read more)


monDAY, 26 January 2015

The Who’s Next Paris Convention 2015


I was super lucky to attend the Who’s Next Fashion Expo in Paris this weekend, thanks to the wonderful Ms. Lecaro from Ecuandino Hats from Ecuador!
Who’s Next allows designers and fashion apparel brands from all over the world to come and display their wares to new potential buyers looking to stock their stores and boutiques with all the latest and greatest on offer….(click to read more)


David Bowie is… the Philharmonie de Paris950c1-image-facebook

I LOVE David Bowie. All who know me know this. He is also one of my fave and biggest
fashion and music icons! So, on this chilly Spring day, I ventured across Paris with my friends to go to the Philharmonie De Paris to see the current David Bowie exhibition…(click to read more)



The Annual Sci-Fi convention in Paris 2014paris-manga-and-sci-fi-show_s165x110

So a few weeks back I attended the annual Manga and Science-Fiction convention held in Paris, France. Best thing was that it wasn’t too far away from my lodgings, and I could easily walk down to the event.
It was full of cosplay and comic book enthusiasts who flocked by the masses…(click to read more)


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