Volez, Vougez, Voyagez

Before leaving Seoul, I made sure to check out the latest fashion exhibition by Louis Vuitton. The exhibition called, Volez, Vougez, Voyagez was held at the amazing Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Travel and fashion are 2 things I absolutely love. So Volez, Vougez, Voyagez was the perfect exhibition that combined these 2 popular lifestyle trends.


The Dongdaemun Design Plaza is truly one of the most amazing architectural sites in Seoul city. It lies in the bustling fashion district and tourist are of Dongdaemun. It also hosts Seoul’s Fashion Weeks every year.



The exhibition is totally free and could be booked online.


The exhibition began on 3rd June 2017 and ran until the last week of August.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton started working as a box maker/packer for Romain Maracel. Maracel specialised in manufacturing crates, boxes and various other storage furniture and items. Over the years, Louis Vuitton came to define his own style and perfect the art of luggage specifically. He became known for his ability to create unique pieces that were light but could also take in large volumes of goods.

He later designed and created his own insignia for his work. Today, it is recognised as one of the most famous logos in luxury fashion across the world.

Trunks and Travel

In the first room, we see the variety of Vuitton’s early work. We see what kind of luggage trunks were needed on long voyages and how they were each designed to fit their contents.

We see trunks designed specifically for women’s wear and occasion to the gentleman’s trunk which consists of drawers for shaving and clothes. There were also medicinal trunks where doctors or apothecaries could store medicines. It even catered for various business travellers who need to carefully pack specific wares.

Sailing Away

We start looking into the beginning of transport and long distance travel abroad. Before the aeroplane, there was travelling by ship. We see Vuitton’s luggage move from classic trunks to modern baggage used today for those glamorous cruises. Yachting is also a popular activity with many of his clientele over time and the brand starts making luggage for different forms sea-faring travel.

Luggage goes from functional to a combination of leisure and lifestyle. By the start of the 1900s travel starts to become a leisure activity among the wealthy as many explore European colonies abroad. This changes in its design, and aesthetics become a priority.

Vuitton on the road

In the next instalment we see the development of the motor car. Road trips were a relatively new concept, however storage was still a priority. Different bags for personal items and for keeping accessible tools were created.

Flying high

The invention of commercial aviation had not yet begun. Only short trips aboard private planes were prevalent. Luggage starts becoming smaller and more compact as a result.

Vuitton Express

In room 4 we see a re-created train carriage displaying the different types of fashion and the required baggage needed to store it away. Cross-country train journeys were one of the main ways of getting around. Luggage trunks were big and bulky and were also made with mirrors, compact drawers that allowed to you to “live” out of them.

Timeless trunks

We got to see some of Louis Vuitton’s best work in this room devoted to custom-made trunks. Trunks could be custom-ordered with unique insignias and designs for customers.

LV Today

Louis Vuitton luggage have come a long way. As lifestyle and travelling have changed, so has the brand. The monogram has seen many changes and variations as it appeals to different markets. New innovative baggage focused on the convenience of the user has always and still is its main focus.

LVbags spin

At the end of the exhibition, they had French leather cutters from Louis Vuitton showing the immaculate process of making pieces. You also got to try some new perfumes.



I thought it was a wonderful way to promote the brand and its origins. I actually never paid too much attention to Louis Vuitton, even when I was a fashion student living in France. For many of my generation, Louis Vuitton still comes across as old, elitist. Its famous logo has been so badly sabotaged by imitation that’s it has become sort of ‘tacky’ to the trendy youth market. There recent runways have shown a major change in their seasons to appeal to a younger market, but I think this exhibition really does more justice by showing why the brand can still be of relevance today.

It as a cool exhibition and def worth checking out should it come to your side of the world.

Check out the video below:


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36 thoughts on “Volez, Vougez, Voyagez

  1. The origins and history of LV is quite interesting, although I’m not fond of the current glut of LV logo purses. I do assume that 90% of what I see being carried on the street are fakes. I do like how LV partnered with artists for limited edition designs. I was really surprised to learn a while back that their bags aren’t even made of leather, but a coated canvas!

  2. Some travelers dream choice in luggage! Such an informative experience, thank you for sharing. Love the pictures of the exhibition – especially the different travel trunks and luggage.

  3. What a luxurios interesting post. I’ve been in LV’s employee before and I know some of their theme title and this one is really “impressionant” more of a travel theme this season, thanks for this wonderful tour in one of their exhibition.

  4. I’m not much into fashion myself (which is strange considering I live in Dubai where the best fashion brands of the world are available) but I would love to go for such an exhibition. I particularly love the trunks and travel collection, I think LV can do some really classy stuff when it comes to design. I’m sure it must’ve been a fun experience for you 🙂

  5. Luxury is bliss and this post is a proof of that! Till now i just knew LV as a luxury brand but I particularly like the orgin of LV and that you have thrown light on that. Thanks for sharing

  6. It truly is a wonderful way to promote the brand and to travel back in time and see how the travel fashion changed. It’s cool you could visit for free! Would you buy one of his bags?

  7. This was actually insanely interesting post about the history of Louis Vuitton. I lived in Las Vegas for awhile and always thought that the frou frou bags that cost the same amount as my rent were a little ridiculous to buy. After reading your post I’m pleasantly surprised to say I have a lot more respect for the company and their products. I had no idea that they started out making trunks, and I’m a sucker for tea sets, so the photo of the tea set was really interesting and I actually said an audible ‘omg how cute!’. Thank you for edumacating me a little more about the fashion world, I’ll look more into its history before judging next time.

  8. That’s some interesting exhibition – didn’t knew Louis Vuitton focussed on creating travelbags by the mid of the 19th century… Things changed quite a bit now when travelling… I for my part love my trusty Tatonka Backpack 😉

  9. Interesting how the brand evolved as transportation / traveling styles evolved! I had no idea about it. Did the exhibition have any links with South Korea?

  10. I am not into fashion so I know almost nothing about Luis Vuitton (other than they make expensive bags). I do however think that for a proper fashionista this exhibition is a must see, to learn more about the history of the brand and their evolution over time.

  11. Wow great to see Louis Vuitton’s works! You are lucky to see the original pieces of his work.
    I love classy stuffs such as these unable to afford it though 😛 🙂

  12. I love LV and would love a LV luggage but I just can’t afford it! It’s interesting to read about how LV started and what it has become today. Great that this exhibition was free.

  13. It’s a revelation to me that Seoul is big on fashion. Louis Vuitton is synonymous with class and quality. In my country India, it is still popular amongst the well to do young people. Louis Vuitton products are quite popular amongst the wealthy in my country. The custom made trunks look interesting.

  14. Louis Vuitton denotes elegance and classy styles. To witness such kind of events in Seoul must be really a nice experience. Those antique trunks are worth and at that time also same pattern was there which we see on handbags. Wonderful as this exhibition is free and can be booked online.

  15. Looks like a gorgeous exhibition, there was a similar one for Chanel in Harrods a few years ago and it’s wonderful to get such an insight into the creative and design process. I love seeing all the unknown items- like the LV tea set and medicine cabinets! Who’d have thought it! It’s a shame there are so many knock off items but the classic pieces are so elegant and stylish that I think they will always be loved.

  16. I have heard about Louis Vuitton but never got to see what goes behind it. The video is simply awesome. In a few words you managed to display the craft so well. I love the elegant pieces, especially those trunks! 🙂 So artsy! So good to know that the exhibition was free.

  17. Like you, I was always turned off by Louis Vuitton. I also thought it was elitist and tacky because it was imitated badly too many times and became a status symbol for the wrong reasons. Thank you for sharing a post that showed how you were able to appreciate a different perspective of the French designer’s narrative history.

  18. This is so interesting post love to know about the history of louis Vuitton which is one of the best fashion brand in the world. Thank you for sharing valuable information.

  19. Louis Vuitton is classy for sure. This post was quite interesting as it introduced me to the past and present of the brand that has been a big player in fashion. Interestingly, I didn’t know that Seoul was big on fashion.

    Manjulika Pramod

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