Yoogane Dak Galbi Restaurant, Seoul

Littered in all the main busy areas in Seoul, lies this treasure of a franchise/chain Korean restaurant….Yoogane. Yoogane was founded in 1981 and is a family owned business offering the most amazing Dak Galbi sauce in the WORLD.

Everyone who knew me while living I Seoul, knew that this was my joint to eat out. It’s inexpensive and provides an amazing meal.

What is Dak Galbi?

Dak Gabi is a traditional spicy marinated chicken dish served in a large frying pan. Dalk means chicken in Korean, and Galbi means barbecue. Dalk Galbi is the traditional dish of Seoul’s neighboring town/suburb, Chuncheon and ever year in summer the Dalk Galbi festival is held bringing all the restaurants specializing in this delectable dish, to show off their skill and delicious variety of marinated sauces! Heaven.

My experience. My Yoogane

Me pictured outside the Gangnam Yoogane next to the Yoogane mascot.
We totes twinning in our fashion ^.^!!! Happy chicks.

So far, I only know Yoogane to be in Seoul since I was last in South Korea. I have tried other dalk galbi restaurants, but none has come close to my Yoogane’s sauce and flavor!
The service is always excellent, and as I was a frequent at my nearest restaurant I was always offered free soda or tokkbokki (a traditional korean rice cake).

In fact, I was even made Yoogane’s VIP at my nearest branch for being a regular and greedy customer. The staff and manager all knew me at this point and gave me a complimentary box of butter cookies with my Yoogane VIP certificate for Christmas. I had no idea it could reach THIS level…hahaha. I was truly honored.
What more could girl want? 😀

What’s in it?

The dish is typically served with chicken, tokkbokki, ramen, spring onion and some vegetables. The sauce has 3 levels of spice which ranges from regular sauce to average hot spice, and finally super hot. I love spicy food and had tried the hottest, but I preferred the 2nd level.

You can also opt to have fried rice instead of the ramen. There is also ttokbokki with a cheese centre for those looking to have a real big hearty meal.
Yoogane also offers a seafood and octopus galbi using their sauce, if you don’t want chicken.

Image from cavinteo.blogspot.com

The salads/sides are totally free and consist of little Korean
side dishes such as tofu, kimchi etc.
The waiters usually fry the food for you, so if you’re new to Seoul, there’s no need to worry as it will be cooked in front of you as you wait.

I’ve practically been to all the chains around Seoul, and all offer friendly service and a nice vibe.
I love you Yoogane!

Bon apetit,

 Watch some real poetry in motion and see what a meal at Yoogane is like. (Video from Umi Fadila)

Yoogane’s branches in Seoul:

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