My Favourite Korean Beauty Brands

The cosmetics industry in South Korea is serious business and the Korean beauty market has surpassed competitors in Asia. In fact, its global presence is growing stronger. There are many brands in Korea, in fact too many to list in one blog post that are with visiting and stocking up your beauty counter with. I will give you my short list of the best brands and easiest accessible ones in Seoul!

Etude House

Etude House has one of the most amazing and cutest interior designs for all their stores. The theme is always pink, and the make-up is displayed like a princess’s dressing room. They sell cosmetics and other beauty products under their brand. The packaging is also really cool and the products all have fun quippy names such as “Eyes’ Cream” which was a liquid foundation for dark circles under the eyes in an ice-cream cone package.

My favourite product is the Volumcara mascara. This mascara can add volume and density by simply rotating the bottle to add more.

The Face Shop

The Face Shop is one of my personal favourites. I love their products, and the prices range from KRW12, 000 to KRW40, 000 (R150-R500) depending on the product. They specialise on beauty product and cosmetics for the face, and their products are ideal for those with sensitive skin.


My favourite product here are the foundation powders. They are amazingly light, made for sensitive skin and always infused with a high SPF. Only downside is that it only comes in 3 skin tones. The Gold collagen foundation series is the best and one of its best sellers.

The lipsticks are just as good. I also saw that this brand is sold in South Africa! I couldn’t find an official site for more info, but it’s supposedly in Johannesburg!

Skin Food

Skin Foods’ products range for the entire body. While they offer a wide variety of all cosmetics, I like their eyelash glue and make-up cleansing face wash.

Skin food Korea


Innesfree focuses on natural products using ingredients from nature and packaging and selling beauty products that emphasize the ingredients quality. The bigger stores are always covered on big green exteriors covered in leaves. Their prices are good and you can expect products that are friendly for all skin types and are hypo-allergenic.

Their foundation sticks are pretty good, and convenient to have in your bag at all times.

Dr. Jart

Dr. Jart’s products are amazing and you can find the products sold at Olive Young or Watsons in Korea. They have a strong focus on creating real dermatological products for skin problems. They are not a make-up brand, but rather a skin care brand that has an amazing range of products to keep your skin looking and feeling good for all seasons. My favourite product is Every Sun Day SPF 50, which is a non-greasy cream for putting on under your make-up. This is great especially in a humid climate.

While Dr. Jart is not cheap, their products are good value and I feel it’s always best to put in a bit more for the maintenance of your skin.

So that’s my round up of my staple faves.  After having lived almost 4 yeears in South Korea it was hard not to get into the whole beauty vibe and start really investing a proper skincare routine. What’s your top Korean beauty brands?