The Zeitz MOCAA

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art opened its doors on the 22nd September and held its grand opening to the public for free until the 25th.  The museum currently houses the largest collection of contemporary African Art in the world. It is an amazing space and showcases the latest in art from all over Africa from current artists that explore topics on identity, politics, society and history through a variety of visual and aural mediums.

Where is the Zeitz MOCAA

The Zeitz MOCAA is situated below the ultra-chic luxury hotel, The Silo District. Both the museum and hotel can be accessed via the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.


The Zeitz MOCAA boasts amazing architectural and interior design. Walking through the museum and through the exhibition rooms can make you feel like you feel like you are in 2 different places. I found it an interesting place to explore and to take in. There are over 100 exhibitions, which are spread over 9 floors that spiral up 4 levels. You can access the floor via elevator or walk up the cool spiralled staircase.

zitz mocaa floor

zeitz mocaa stairway

The Collections

The current collections on exhibit are from artists across the African continent or who are from Africa and now living abroad. Regardless, they open up interesting dialogues with the viewer from the artist on the diversity of African identity within the different countries and societies and their relation to the rest of the world.

zeitz mocaa room

It also exhibits creativity in various mediums from film, photography, paint, sculpture, textiles and music. Most of the topics on exhibition deal with current trends and topics happening and evolving from within African countries and societies.

zeitz mocaa 6


My personal favourites were from Thania Peterson and Isaac Julien’s ‘Crashing Waves’.

Why visit?

For art lovers, it offers a great experience to see the latest trends in African art and the exhibition here and those that will follow will definitely have an impact on you. If art isn’t your thing, the actual building itself is definitely worth seeing, and they have an amazing restaurant/coffee shop at the top with amazing views of Cape Town city.


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