Wong Tai Sin Temple

On my second trip to Hong Kong, I found myself having some free time to visit the places I didn’t get round to the first time. Hong Kong isn’t big, but it is full of life and plenty to do. Seeing as there was no rush to be anywhere and the weather in May is perfect, I decided t visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple. It’s one of Hong Kong’s most visited temples, with a beautiful garden, pagodas and many smaller temples within the complex. What drew me to it was the beautiful colours, architecture and beautiful bright décor.

How to get there

Hong Kong’s transport system is great, and super easy to use. The station is on the red line and you get off at Wong Tai Sin Station exit B2.

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On exiting you will be met my many brightly decorated stalls covered in red and gold selling trinkets for temple and prayer offering as well as souvenirs.

History of  Wong Tai Sin

The Wong Tai Sin Temple is home to 3 of Asia’s biggest religions, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taosim. The temple was established by the Taoist priest Liang Ren-An, who carried the original portrait of the famous monk and deity Wong Tai Sin.

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Liang originally had opened up a small medicinal shop, with a private altar at the back for worshippers to pray to the portrait. Eventually, its popularity grew and the temple was built.

The temple has become popular for good luck offerings, guidance, divination and fortune telling. Its beautiful architecture and Feng Shui garden makes this a small oasis of peace amidst the bustling high-rises and   of Hong Kong city.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

One entering you are met with chiming bells, chants and a thick haze of incense smoke. The entrance is filled with many metal dragons around the courtyard and leads up into the main altar. The beautiful statues, plaques and design make this a unique place. The 12 lunar signs of the Chinese zodiac are placed around the stairs.


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Deep red and pretty lanterns dominate he main worship area. For all the noise, it has a very calming effect. Worshippers sit before the famed portrait of Wong Tai Sin and pray for good fortune.

Many little temples. Many little prayers

The entire complex is filled with small altar, walls, and shrines to pay homage to Gods of your choice. Each shrine and temple is intricately decorated with beautiful ornamentation and scriptures.

The Garden

The garden was my favourite part of the temple. It was designed on Feng Shui principles and it’s many little stone pathways and bridges added so much charm. The pretty pagodas all lied over the small ponds filled with koi, turtle and frogs. This garden was true harmony, not even the long high rise buildings could take away the serenity felt here.

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Many indigenous plant life can be found in the garden from bamboo, bonsai and flowers. The little pagodas all over comfortable seating to enjoy the bubbling fountains and twittering birds.

wong tai sin 5

wong tai sin 4

It was hard o leave the garden, as I was going through a bit of a tough time while here, the garden’s tranquillity was just what I need to recollect my thoughts.

Yue Lao: The Old Man in the Moon

After exploring all the shrines and spaces I was about to head out, when a brightly painted wall caught my eye. Walking towards it I realised I had stumbled up the famous God of Love and Marriage, Yue Lao.

wong tai sin 1

Oddly enough, I had heard and of this God 2 years prior by coming across a picture of him on Instagram with a bag of red strong. Doing further research, it told of how he is the God who binds 2 people by a red string. This red string theory is believed in most of Asia, and Yue Lao is not derived from any religion. His presence in Asian culture goes way back before and is considered one of the ancient Gods.

At the temple married couples and single can make a prayer to Yue Lao to bring them god fortune in matters of the heart. Married couples pray for good fortune and prosperity in their union, while singles wish for good fortune in meeting their match.  In his temple, Tue Lao stand between 2 golden statues of a man and woman, connected by a large red string.

wong tai sin red strong

I was there to take photos, but a little woman popped out of nowhere and tied my hand in string. Definitely a fun and unique little experience.

My Visit

Wong Tai Sin Temple also offers fortune telling and it’s available in English too. The temple is worth checking out, especially if you need some time out from the craziness of the city. It’s beautifully constructed and has such a relaxing vibe to it. The deep reds and gold with all the many pops of colours and design elements make this a cool spot to view some traditional Eastern aesthetic at its best.



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