5 Style Icons from my childhood

I was highly influenced by the amazing TV shows that once graced our screen many years ago. Whether they were the latest shows or re-runs from decades before, these are the films and TV shows that have served as a style inspiration for me right up until today. The characters who wore the fashion showed me it was fun and style through clothes was just another wonderful way to express yourself!

So these are the style icons that have influenced my style from the under the age of 17 years old.

Fran Drescher’s The Nanny

What can I say? Big hair and bold colour with LOTS of personality had appeal to me then already! Tuning in every week to an episode of the squawking nanny and her OTT fashion was a delight. I didn’t necessarily get the jokes, but I was enthralled by the wardrobe. Grandma Yetta also had a fun glitzy vibe to her.

To this day I enjoy item with colours of pop and unique cuts. 

What her style taught me:

Let you personality come through your style.

Beverly Hills Troop (1989): Phyllis Nefler

Oh goodness, I was and always will be in love with this childhood film. It was way before my time, but thanks to those re-runs on MNET I was enthralled by the cute story line and ridiculous style. In this movie a wealthy divorcee offers to lead a Girl Scout troop, however she’s a total diva and knows nothing about being outdoors. Throughout the film, she and her fancy troop of girls who all hail form the Beverly Hill’s rich and famous all make their experience their own…..and in typical 80s style.

bht 3


Besides the fun plot for kids, the fashion here was bold, flamboyant and focused a lot on owning your look.

Also, I CANNOT forget this scene:


What its style taught me:

Stay true to who you and your style no matter what.

tbh 5


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1994)


This is one of those iconic 90s films that started a whole movement in vampire fiction in pop culture. The TV series’ popularity might have surpassed the original film but I never forgot it. Why? Besides Buffy kicking ass in those pink tights an funky colours in her school gym, the shopping mall scene when she discover that yellow leather jacket set me on a path. In this scene she spots a fringed yellow leather jacket, Hilary Swank scoffs at it and then shows up in it days later anyway. She totally stole that look. However, I thought Buffy sooooo cool and her bad ass attitude reflected on her fun style. For years I searched for the ideal yellow jacket. I finally found it this year.

Unforgettable scene:

buffy yellow jacket

What I learnt from Buffy’s style:

If you like a style or think it’s cool then go for it. Don’t let other’s opinions bring your style down.

Sex and the City

When I first watched sex and the city as a teen, I obviously had NO IDEA what the REAL story line was about. Yet, I tuned in religiously every week. Why? Because of the FASHION!!! They made New York living a dream and the concept of fabulous took on a whole new meaning for my naïve self. I took what these characters wore SO SERIOUSLY.

satc closet

Focusing on the style aspect, this TV show defined style and womenswear for ever. Patricia Field the famed stylist made mixing high end brands with low end retail items and even vintage. For me this show defined style as fun and adventurous. Even though, I can look back on it today as ridiculous you must remember fashion and media are there to create fantasy. That’s what this show did.

What I learnt from SATC style:

Push your style boundaries and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to see if can work for you. Also she made wearing you hair natural okay!

Also, only in a TV show can a writer buy luxury fashion on a writers salary i.e R4000 for a pair of shoes plus New York rent.

Beverly Hills 90210 (1990 – 2000): Donna, Kelly and Brenda…but mainly Donna

denim jeans 90210

This iconic teen series of the 90s set the tone for almost every teen series to come. Beverly Hills brought the full force of the SoCal gal of the 90s look, that has made a huge come back trend today. Back then, those were the jeans and belts you bought in the shops, as well as those famous hats with those giant flowers on. White tees, denim shorts, leather jackets, dungarees and fluffy socks with hoops earrings. I looked upon them and their smooth one liners with admiration.

My fave style icon was Donna Martin played by Tori Spelling.

Fave scene

90210 hats 2

What I learnt from the style in Beverly Hills 90210

Fashion and style can define an era and plays a major part in a story.

Clueless (1995): Cher and Renee

This film is undoubtedly a timeless style classic. It still continues to be an inspiration through reposts, memes and even a re-take on a music video. The TV show wasn’t too bad either. Clueless was the beginning of how fashion brands were to market themselves though TV and media, and it came to full fruition in Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.

clueless style 2

Clueless for me was amazing and made preppy fashion on point. I’ve loved good sharp tailoring with a dash on youthful fun ever since. Plus, those hats…..

What I learnt from the style in Clueless

Preppy can be sexy.

Once Seen, it Can’t be un-Seen

Of course I watched plenty of cartoons, and they too served as a major style inspiration for me. I’d say my top two were Jem and the Holograms and Beverly Hills Teens. It seems I had a thing for Beverly Hills OOTD kitschy fashion.