5 Style Trends for Cape Town Summer 18/19

Another year, another summer. We have honesty had a very early onset of summer here in Cape Town, with weeks boiling up to 40 degrees Celsius. We also need to take into account a famous strong South Easter winds that help relive us form the heat.

From the daily online chats on social media, I have been able to gain even better insight into what South Africans are looking for this season. Regardless of the fact that we get last season’s stock from those big international retailers, it doesn’t mean those pieces work for us locally. South Africans will also pick out items to fit our climate and to their personal style.

So let’s look at what Capetonians will be donning under the hot sun this 2018/19!

Plant motif prints: The season of the Garden Goddesses and Gods

cape town florals summer 19

This trend was also big from the runways of Fashion well SS19. This simply means holiday seekers are looking for holiday destinations with hotter climates. In South Africa, we naturally have that benefit. Tropical prints were big last year and are here to stay. However, florals are the dominating print this season along with an array of other or nature motif prints such as leaves, garden and jungle specimens. This trend is strong in for both men and womenswear.


cape fashion kimono ss19

Kimono’s are everywhere in stores. Whether you prefer to wear them long or short, the kimono can either add extra style to your look or serve as a beautiful cover up on the beach.

Loosen up

cape fashion loose dresses ss19

This summer more women are feeling for loose fitting garments in layers or wide cuts that show off the material’s movement on the body. Women are also clearly feeling the need to be more liberated in their clothes from shorts, skirts and dresses the loose fit allow the body and skin to breathe. Plus it looks so good this summer.

Block Heeled Sandals

cape fashion block heels ss19

Block heels have been around for a few years, but they are still a popular buy down here. Capetonians live for their wine farms and outdoor events in the summer. Blocks heels are also significantly more comfortable and walking over grass, plank boards and even sand is easier.

Striped Slacks/Pants

cape fashion striped pants ss19

I’ve seen this piece everywhere in the Mother City. The striped pants seems to be the number one item to wear. The pants itself is in soft, light material with an elasticated waist. It’s casual, cool and versatile for our heat and windier days.

Keep it Stylish




cape fashion style trends ss19