Balducci’s Does Vegan

Healthy eating still continues to be a strong dining trend and continues to grow. As we are constantly exposed to new produce and dishes from around the world through social media and the internet. Today, the world is becoming more open to different options, especially in the way food is prepared and served.

Opting for vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan dishes are not only for those who practise it. As more restaurants catering for various dietary needs, society is becoming more open to different food trends and enjoying the unique twists their countries can offer. South Africa is a country blessed with amazing culinary options as its rich agricultural diversity allows some of the best fruit and vegetables to grow from our soil. So let’s see what amazing creation Balducci’s has conjured using our produce with a health conscious vegan diet.

Sustainability on a Plate

Sustainability need not only pertain to fashion, product manufacturing and lifestyle changes. It can also be practised through our food. How we care, farm and grow our produce affects our immediate environment and even our bodies. Organic, natural methods and products used on our plants today need to be wary of all the factors in the environment’s natural cycle.

Balducci extends their sustainability and green practises with this menu by using recycled paper for the menus, sustainable vegetable based ink and opting for more organic based material for their straws.

Balducci’s New Vegan Menu

I was recently invited to the launch of Balducci’s New Vegan Menu at the V&A Waterfront. As I said before, I am an avid carnivore so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I know South Africa does food really well so I was curious and excited.

The new vegan menu at Balducci is a separate menu from their main one. It has over 60 options which include drinks, starters, mains and desserts. Their vegan dishes are “organic, seasonal, gluten-free, low-GI, chemical and preservative free, non-GMO, detox-friendly, raw and loaded with vitamins and minerals.”

Let’s take a look at the amazing spread served from Balducci’s Vegan Menu:

balducci vegan burger

balducci vegan pizza

balducci vegan dessert berry

Oh, and it was delish!