Cruise Collection 2019

The resort collections are a prelude of what is to come for the spring/summer collections. It’s also a strategic collection to boost sales as the summer holidays unfold in the northern hemisphere by providing the latest to don for those much anticipated vacations. As a the brands keep up with lifestyles of its customers, travel has undoubtedly become a largely desirable lifestyle and one that keep growing thanks to social media.

The resort or cruise collections ultimately provide a new wardrobe to experience your vacation in style. Many designers also focus on collections where they identify trending locations their clients are going to. The location and country can also inspire the collection as a result to suit the summer weather wherever it may be.

Let’s take a look at the style trends from this year’s cruise/resort collections for 2019 from the runways:

Resort Ready by the Beach


Cruise resort collection 2019 kors armani

Summer holidays mean beach time. Many pieces were made for easy daytime exploring and going out at night. Light maxi dresses and short cotton pieces with sandals made for essential items this season.

The 70s

cruise resort collection 2019 roksanda valentino altuzarra

A reversion to classic silhouettes from the 70’s continued to make appearances and sometimes made up whole collections. Long skirts and dresses remained a staple with soft summer fabrics. Shorter dresses showed off the popular 70’s panel pleats, longer dresses showed off bohemian prints with sandals or formal flats.

Neutral Palettes

cruise resort collection 2019 caroline herrera stella mcartney

The palettes were very neutral, if there was colour, it was mainly done in pastels. Overall, the trend here is to keep fabric texture and colours light. Blues, whites, greys with some black kept the palette refreshing for the summer.

Destinations Dreamin’

Dior showcased a drizzling summer runway that emulated a humid summer. The pieces undoubtedly displayed an opulent Mexican holiday, with classic seniorita styled dresses with layers, frills and ponchos for exploring the city and countryside.

cruise resort collection 2019 chanel dior

Chanel stayed in cruise control, with no particular destination in mind as the collection was all about staying stylish on board. The runway looks were all about the journey on board, drawing on Coco Chanel’s love for the mariner stripes and trousers. Cruise ships have fallen out of popularity since the 70’s but are slowly making a comeback as a must-do travel experience with a journey across the seas.

Making headlines

Gucci Resort

gucci druise collection 2019

Gucci’s holier than though cruise collection was on everyone’s lips. The collection also had a dramatic and very theatrical 70’s look coupled with religious symbolism. It reminded me of this years Met gala with its religious theme where couture met crucifixes. Is there a new feeling toward spiritualism? After all fashion, like art, reflects society not the other way around.

Moschino Circus

moschino cruise 2019

I actually saw this collection on their live Instagram feed. The circus set up alone kept me intrigued. Needless to say the collection was colourful and over the big top. I’m a fan of Moschino, but this collection didn’t really do it for me. I’m going to assume this was all about one FUN holiday where the main aim was to be entertained.

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