How I’m Wearing Florals & Tropical Prints this Summer

So we can agree from my last two style trends posts that becoming a walking garden is THE look for the season. Now to be honest, I never liked florals before. In fact, I never even processed them. I’ve always loved colour blocking, but kept print to a minimum. For some reason since being back in Cape Town, South Africa I have fully embraced florals for the first time.

The Difference between Florals and Tropical Prints

I’ve written this before, but I’ll brush up on it again. Florals refer to nature motifs of the garden variety such as roses, orchids and various plants that grow in land. Tropical refer to the blooms and plants that grow along the coastline such as hibiscus, ferns and palms.

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Becoming a Garden Goddess

So I already had tropical print, but zero florals. Since my new found fascination I was looking for the right purchase and style I knew I was going to wear a lot. I’ve found myself embracing a more feminine side of my style this past year. Thanks to a birthday gift voucher from my bestie, I decided to finally use it to buy my first floral dress.

red floral dress rose field

Florals and tropical prints can be fun. You will find them in a multitude of different styles and prints all over the stores this season. At the end of the day it’s your style that will count and how you decide to wear it. Here’s my style tips on how I will be wearing this fun trend for summer.

The Red Floral Dress

I wanted a red floral dress. The colour just appealed to me. After hours looking at inspiration on Instagram, window shopping on fave online fashion sites and google, I decided to settle on a red one. I was determined to use my Zando voucher I received as a birthday gift. I finally found it and now I have it.

As it’s red and has plants I like styling this piece with blue, green and gold accessories. I recently wore it to an event in the winelands and am happy with its cut, fit and cool soft fabric.

The Green Tropical Dress

I actually spotted this dress a few months ago while waiting in a long line at Home Affairs of all places. I popped into The Fix and took a closer look at the dress and found out it was 30% off. This dress is so comfortable and perfect for those hot days in the Cape. It’s cute, I love its flair and it’s the best bargain buy of the year!

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The Floral/Tropical Shirt

I love a good shirt or blouse in the summer. For me, the right fabric is key to making a shirt work. I love free, breathable and relaxed blouses and shirts that look good tucked in or out. I scored this casual tropical shirt at the Cotton On Outlet store. The oranges and blues are perfect with a white bottom and a coral or orange lipstick.


The Swimsuit

So last summer I was yearning for a one-piece. I found this tropical print swimsuit online from

Finally, the Tropical and Floral Pants

Ok, these casual lounge pants I scored for $10 each at a market in South Korea. It’s just nice for lounging around in. A soft elasticated waist and pockets…what a steal!

west coast national park yellow field

Florals and tropical are the prints of summer. They can be worn up and down depending on their garment and style of the pieces. In Cape Town I enjoy being able to wear them both at work and casually.
Do you prefer tropical or floral print? Or are you going to don both this season?

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