Men’s Fashion Week Trends from AW19

After 2018 having been a challenging year economically and financially for most across the globe, many have naturally been more cautious with spending. For most, fashion does not meet the criteria for survival. Yet during challenging times, style gets more creative. Let’s take a look what designers are doing to make sure their pieces are still worth the spend.

Oversized Pieces

mens aw19 oversized trend

Oversized pieces from jackets, extra loose pants and giant jackets were seen in almost every collection down the runway. From regular tees to knitwear, models looked like there were being swallowed in their threads while strutting their stuff. Loose comfortable trousers were undoubtedly a key piece and it seem the need to withdraw in comfort was the motivation for these key pieces. 2018 was a tough financial year globally and it has had its effect on everyone feeling the need to be on the down low. These oversized comfort wear shows in suits, jackets etc.

Walking Straight

mens aw straight cut pants

For those looking for structure, well tailoring took a back seat this season. Suits, jeans and trousers once again showed no care for shape. They had simple basic straight cuts as a variety to the oversized loose trend. Pieces conveyed function, more than style.

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Layer friendly pieces

mens aw19 layer trend

OTT layering for the outside was a popular style this season. Pieces were made for many layers as the mood went. Once again relating to the need for comfort over form. Layers are also a subtle way of getting creative by investing in a few key pieces and re-styling them daily or weekly. Even as the fashion industry grows, consumers are cutting back of spending on commodities. With economic uncertainty, men are showing to prefer spending on essentials that are easy to wear again over the long period.

Fabrics: wool, leather and tweed


mens aw19 leather trend


mens aw19 tweed trend


Blocks and Stripes

Blocks, blocks and more clocks. From industrial print, to artsy cubes, almost all collections did a take on block prints for both formal and casual wear. Whether worn underneath or as outerwear, these prints were the number one look.

mens aw19 block print trend

Stripes were not a dominant as the block parades, but they frequently made small appearances in many collections. Stripes and blocks are classic prints and easy to re-invent in looks in any man’s closet without thinking too much.

mens aw19 stripes trend

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Saving in seclusion

This season’s collections have shown that men’s spending have ceased over the last year. Basic knits still contend with expensive fabrics and pieces, as it’s flexible and comfortable. Multiple use of looks through layers convey that what can make one look, can make many by either adding or taking away the same pieces. The reason and need for oversized jumpers and pants, also present a need to withdraw socially and this can be due to many economic and political factors that impose uncertainty that affect our daily lifestyles.

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