Menswear Summer/Spring 2019

The menswear collections are always shown earlier than the much hyped womenswear fashion weeks. This year’s menswear collection for spring/summer 2019 had really good collections of the runways. They also showed more were seeking for more adventurous holidays where it wasn’t all sun, surf and relaxation. Adventure and outdoor exploration are becoming more sought after experiences in holidays. Let’s take a look at the summer style trends for menswear for 2019.

Summer Knits


Summer holidays mean being outdoors more for most holidaymakers. A statement knit was definitely a must on any terrain, climate and location for next season. With social media still a strong influence on determining vacation spots, people want to show off the natural beauty of their destinations night and day. Knitwear is an easy choice for comfort, style and can be worn on any occasion.

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Blazers Ablaze

menswear ss19 blazers

A good blazer will never go out of fashion for men. Summer blazers seen in the last resort/cruise collections were also seen for both sexes. Formal events and business trips in the warmer months make smart casual a must for these brands’ markets. However, blazers are present even in casual looks. The rise of freelancers, those with side projects and entrepreneurs continues to rise defining your own style remains a strong contender for the men’s runway trends for the past 3 years.

The 90’s

menswear ss19 90s

So this was an interesting trend in the men’s collections. Many major trends from the 90s were seen gracing the runways especially for casual wear. Pleated pants were in an array of neutral palettes and fabrics can be worn as a total suit, or casually rolled up on the beach or outdoors. Branded tees with designers’ logos, denim, big blazers and rolled up straight cut jeans were seen on the runways. Nineties men’s fashion was very expressive, so we see a call for more is more here.

Floral Prints

menswear ss19 floral

Flower power was ever present on shirts and occurred at least once in most collections. Whether shown in subdued in outlines or in bold dashes of colour, flowers and nature motifs were seen on the clothes and as runway decorations. The trend shows a more playful and softer side to men’s fashion and attitudes to life and the world around them.

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Waterproof Wear

menswear ss19 waterproof

Waterproof jackets were a major staple to the spring/summer collections. A nice touch to creating variety for the rainy spring seasons and for outdoor activities for the summer. It could also be that there is a strong trend towards taking those summer vacations in more extreme weather climates such as desserts or cooler seasons. It’s quite clear there is a high demand for outdoor wear as the male market is looking to be more active in the natural environment.


menswear ss19 heritage fashion

Drawing on dress codes that expressed traditional culture from East to West, I saw woven Incan print ponchos mixed with modern outdoor wear. Japanese kimono items were mixed with westernised bottoms or tops. Some designer’s collections were completely inspired by traditional lndian dress such as Indian kurtas and sherwanis that are worn for cultural and formal occasions. This conveys appreciation for deep cultural roots and identity even within today’s modern world. This is a rather interesting addition, as we can also see society looking to age old traditional solutions, methods, stories and values to restore a sense of spiritual healing and thinking.

A Look at Menswear SS19

Men’s high-end designer fashion collections have always catered for two aspects of their clients: work and play. Naturally, they have always been focused on the business man who can afford the price tags of these brands and who enjoy the urban lifestyle.  So it was interesting to see a third addition focusing on outdoors lifestyle. The outdoors trends have grown exponentially. 

What I don’t want my boyfriend to wear:

The hipster version of Willy Wonka’s would be offspring.


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