My Favourite Beauty Products for Summer 2018-19

South Africa’s harshest season is undoubtedly summer. It’s our dry season and it shows in our environment, where the grass turns yellow and brown as the heat and dry winds beat down upon the Earth. Our bodies are very much a part of nature and what affects our environment affects our skin. Let’s take a look at my favourite products for this summer to cleanse, protect and feel good.
Summer is also a time that coincides with our festive season, so there are lots of end of year functions, events and holidays. My problem is air conditioning and strong UV rays. My product choices are also based on the fact that I love the outdoors and enjoy an active lifestyle. So this is my summer beauty essentials for 2018-19.


summer beauty 2019 face i

  1. Rimmel London Liquid Foundation
  2. Collagen Gold SPF 20 Foundation by The Face Shop
  3. Daily SPF cream
  4. Hey Georgeous Face Scrub
  5. Tea Tree Toner from The Face Shop
  6. Bio Oil

My number one product is an SPF 50 to wear underneath my make-up every day all year. For my face it’s beyond essential that all products contain an SPF. Daily make-up essentials such as liquid and powdered foundations must be light, non-sticky and have a SPF too.
My skin’s texture is combination and prone to break outs, so a good scent free and all natural cleanser is key. I made this Hey Gorgeous food scrub at their store event and makes my skin feel amazing. Tea Tree cleanses pores, while Bio Oil provides essential moisture.


summer beauty 2019 body i

  1. Fragonard body wash and lotion
  2. Happy Bath Rose Essence Body oil

I love body products with beautiful scents. Fragonard is a French brand and I stocked up on some of their products while in Paris earlier this year. The scents all derive from their amazing signature perfume collection.
I started using body oil while in Korea during their dry winters. I love the extra added moisture after a good soak and scrub.


summer beauty 2019 hair

  1. OGX Coconut hydrating oil mist
  2. Argan Oil

I avoid product on my hair as much as possible, but in summer the office and most interiors tend to turn up the AC volume. I hate AC. It completely dries out my hair and makes me sneeze. To help with this, I recently bought OGX Coconut hair mist. It does actually work and definitely adds moisture when frizz starts appearing. Argan oil is great for dry split ends.

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summer beauty 2019 scent

  1. Eclat de Fleurs Perfume by Lanvin
  2. Indian Jasmine body mist from The Body Shop

Scent is so important to me. Smell is my most sensitive sense, and gives away so much about a person. My favourite perfume is Eclat de Fleurs (the energy of flowers) by Lanvin, which has a beautiful mixture of tropical flowers. The scent is light and reminds me of the perfume of sweet blooms at dusk. Indian Jasmine body mist has a beautiful light scent of spring.


Make-up Palette: Corals & Beiges

summer beauty 2019 palette i

I love bright colours in my style and make-up. Depending on my mood I will alternate between neutral beige tones and bright corals in summer. Coral tones in pinks and oranges just adds that fun at-the-beach vibe.


Whether you are beating the heat or basking in it, we all have our essentials to keep looking good through the summer. I think we are in for a hot one, especially with the early heatwaves we’ve had this year.




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