My Favourite Beauty Products for Winter 2019

Wow, we had a hot summer. I literally sat on the beach every day and pretty much worked through several bottles of sunscreen. It’s now autumn and in just a few weeks we will head into the beautiful winter season. While we don’t always go below freezing here in South Africa, our semi-desert climate makes for cold nights, chilly winds and misty mornings covered in low clouds. As we huddle up, our circulation naturally goes away from our limbs, making our skin drier. Let’s take a look at my top beauty products for this season.


Skincare SA winter 19

  1. The Body Shop Body Cream
  2. Nivea Soft Face Cream
  3. BioNike SPF 50
  4. Cetaphil Skin Cleanser

I always enjoy using products for The Body Shop, they actually offer amazing scents with proper moisture. Right now I am loving the Japanese Cherry Blossom body cream. My go-to daily SPF is BioNike with UVA and UVB protection. Non-sticky, and great to wear under my make-up everyday…and yes I wear SPF50 even in winter!



Beauty SA winter 19 hair care

I am unable to grow my hair to the floor. This kind of thing is really down to genetics. It stops at the waist, but I still like growing it out especially as it looks much shorter when its curly. I’ve been using Schwarzkopf’s Gliss Repair anti-split ends which technically helps slow down split ends forming, but not prevent it.

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Beauty SA winter 19 make up

Naturally I run to an array of darker colours in winter, but I’m loving a neutral beige of late. Other favourite shades include plum and brown.


I’m keeping my beauty products to a minimal this season. As long as I’m well moisturised and have a flexible make-up palette I’m happy. What’s your essentials for this season?

Keep warm




sa beauty winter 2019