I Finally Bought Espadrilles

They’ve been around for decades and 2019 was the year I finally decided to join the club. Espadrilles are the ultimate summer staple in most womens’ closets, but I always avoided them as I wasn’t a wedge fan before.

“They’re comfortable”, was the main reason and suggestion I heard form many friends who wore them. Since I had plantar fascitis, sexy shoes is a gamble and I’ve pretty much given up on stilettos at this point. I LOOOOOOVE block heels (let’s face it they are a game changer) and cone heels are fun. However, I’ve been mulling over wedges for a while.

Espadrilles are actually hundreds of years old and originate from Southern Spain and France along the Mediterranean. The “wheaty” soles, as I like to put it, are made out of a specific woven grass grown only in the Mediterranean region. Yes, they’ve been summer staples since the medieval era. It was the french designer Yves St. Laurent who made these shoes an on trend item that has never actually went out of fashion. He decided to create the famous espadrille wedge sandal after seeking out the craftsman who still knew how the craft of weaving the soles.

So here they are…my first espadrilles. In between getting some groceries, I took a turn down Pick ‘n Pay’s clothing section and decided upon these easy going slingbacks. Not bad for a start.


What will be you summer staple in South Africa this 2019/2020?