Top Style Runway Trends from Men’s Fashion Week A/W 2020

I’m a bit late with blog posts and style trends update, but I have been VERY busy! I think many of us can say that 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year so far and its only February! Well, fashion doesn’t wait for anyone. Let’s take a look at the top style trends from the runways from the latest Men’s Fashion week!

  1. Long jackets

Each collection showed a suit with a long jacket reaching well below the hip area. Some were shapeless, some defined but they doubled well as outerwear making them great for the transitional seasons to come. Many of these long jackets had a very multi-functional aspect to them with many pockets to store belongings.

men fashion week 2020 long boots

  1. Boots

Ankle-length pants are slowly fading as boots with varying lengths from ankle-length to calf were seen to be a staple on the runways. Boots offer a comfortable versatility from casual to formal without compromising on comfort.

men fashion week 2020 lomg boots 2

  1. Motif Madness

While two-piece matching suits were the headlines of most collections, each had a standout look emblazoned in motif prints.

men fashion week 2020 print motif

  1. The Man Bag

The bag was the biggest accessory on the runways. More and more are embracing the practicality of a good bag and designers are keen to jump on board.

men fashion week 2020 man bag

  1. The Padded Vest

From the oversized padded jacket, this season brings us the padded vest. Comfortable during the autumn and functional without compromising your overall look.

men fashion week 2020 padded jacket

So there’s our top 5 trends for menswear for 2020. Naturally, these looks will eventually arrive in South African stores in 2021, however you are free to embrace and parade them for this winter/autumn. I think the overall theme for these trends simply comes down to versatility and to be able to comfortable wear your pieces whole day without extra maintenance.

What I don’t want my boyfriend to wear:

nihl no

Only if you like a Hannibal Lector who escaped the hospital mid-surgery


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