Marketing du Jour: Growing Your Business online and Changing My Niche

We aren’t defined by one thing or aspect of our lives. We all have a blogging/content niche and mine was travel since the start…and it still is, but as I am not longer living abroad and moving across the planet. I am now honing in on my career path in marketing which I have been doing for the past couple of years.

My love for travel has led me here and my blogging journey as promoting one’s self was core to getting your brand or name out there on social media. So many bloggers’ have changed and what we share has become as multi-faceted as our personalities.

Focusing on my career and skills has become a core focus in my life as I gave up living abroad and travel as a lifestyle. I’ve went from corporate to NPO in a couple of years while still enjoying the growth experienced on my own social media through simply having a clearer voice.

This is why I am adding a new section to my blog called Marketing du Jour where I will be sharing my insights on marketing in the 21st century based on my professional and personal experience.

I’m not forsaking travel as I believe the more varied your brand portfolio as a marketer the stronger you become.

Travel has led me here and ignited my very interest in social media in the first place and I will always be creating content on the various platforms. Now, I don’t create content strategies and social media marketing only for myself and one niche. I am growing into new industries offering different products/services which has been eye- opening. Let’s not forget the challenges that comes with working in different businesses and the dynamics of working within these different teams. Plus, working in a complex professional landscape in a country like South Africa will undoubtedly offer plenty of stories to share.

I am an experienced marketing professional covering both traditional and digital marketing where I not only focus on offering brand awareness but also growth.

So right now, as I stand, I am infusing my love for creating content in photography and videography with sharing my experiences from my profession. It’s not unique or new, but what I do know if that each marketer has their own something special to offer.

Right now, I’m based 100% in a digital and social media marketing role. An offer I took after being retrenched because I could see its potential to learn about what I think is one of the core foundation building blocks of the future of marketing’s future.

There is no right or wrong, neither do I claim my insights to be the marketing bible. Digital marketing changes too much and too fast in any case. This is as pace to connect and discuss.

I’m excited.

Watch out for series and episodes to come!

Bee x