4. Social Media Promotion ideas For Your Campaign

In my experience, your social media accounts can truly leverage you marketing campaigns…if done correctly. There are many social media promotion ideas to help leverage your campaign. Remember that social media form very much part of your overall marketing strategy and all communications contribute to building your brand’s success and more importantly,…it’s culture. Different social media platforms need various changes.

Yes, the same messaging can be spread across all channel, but how you do it will differ to best reach your audience and suite the platform.

Here are some top ideas to promote your marketing/brand campaign on social media. These tips are great, especially if the campaign is not necessarily only driven on social media but uses an array of promotional platforms online and offline

If you have a presence on social media, leverage it. Make sure the campaigns messaging touches base with all the platform’s tools to get the best exposure.

1. Messaging is aligned offline and online

Make sure your online messaging is aligned with its offline promotions but still adaptable for the platform and relevant to the language and online culture of your audience. Consider their age, content preference and the posts you get the most traction from for certain messaging in posts.

2. Plan the look and feel of your campaign content ahead of time

Create a content schedule in advance. Plan the look and feel of your feed for the main campaign, especially if the business/brand has other key promotions, activities and content it needs to keep communicating. This way you can put a head light on the big promotion while not compromising other obligations.

3. PLAN you social media content for the final day/event/launch.

PLAN you social media content for the final day/event/launch etc. so it can roll out the narrative and key aspects of what you have been communicating about the campaign over past weeks/months! No longer does it matter how many posts you put in-feed a day as but the type of content does. Your content for the campaign should shed light on your social media promotion ideas for the campaign.

4. Make Sure Your Content Covers all Campaign Objectives

If there are say 5 products/collections/activities etc. that define this campaign that then make sure your content covers each one. How you do that is up to your creativity and what speaks best to your audiences. Remember to juggle all this while maintaining your brand’s identity…who said it’s an easy job?

Good luck, and remember that most campaigns are already prepared well in advance to ensure your campaign communications run smoothly and in line with your product/service offering at the same time.

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