5 Tips For Brands Wanting to Add Video to Their Social Media

Everybody is saying “video is the way to go” but consider what type of video before you blow cash on a high end production. Consider the platform’s main form of getting reach and how it likes to collect data from engagements. Let’s take a look at how you can create the best social media for business accounts.

Here are 5 Tips for adding video to you content? Here’s what to consider for brand and platform:

1. Youtube will require effort

Youtube is undoubtedly your key stop for entertainment culminating every single specialisation channel and more on one platform! If Youtube is one of you primary platforms for your brand, then allocating budget and time to create good videos would be a wise idea. This really all depends on your brands’ offering and growing its presence on Youtube. It will take some serious strategy.

2. Instagram is made for Instagram

Instagram continues to outperform and grow other platforms as they diversify their offering. It is still a visual medium and video is becoming a core focus, providing you use their tools such as LIVES, Reels and IGTV. In my experience its best to create content for and within IG’s tools. Social media videos for business accounts on IG tend to limit what music you can use, but in the end your content is still key,

3. META (/Facebook) love ALL types of video

Facebook is still a strong contender to throw your brand if you are trying to reach primarily an older market. Don’t underestimate the audience on Facebook. They might mainly be used by our parents, but they are a highly engaged audience and in South Africa, they still hold the strongest spending market. They love video and here is where really good produced videos to selfie style videos get a lot of traction as they can share it to their personal feeds to their followers which usually equals exceptionally good word of mouth.

4. Twitter videos need to have impact

Twitter videos need to be short and sweet, just like its tweets. It’s a great place to share your reels/TikToks or short snippets from something not necessarily curated. Your copy and hashtags will drive these clips. Video format can range from professional to amateur and can easily be done…your messaging is the key factor here that makes it “re-tweetable”!

5. TikTok needs to have personality

TikTok was something I was so hesitant to take on, but so glad I did. Is it great for business brands? YES! TikTok videos for your business, once again, has to stay on brand. Be wary of jumping on trends if it’s not in line with your business offering and image simply to go viral. Make sure your videos are relevant to the audience you are attracting there, involves the human aspect, promotes your offerings and fun.

When you decide to create social media videos for business brands, you need to seriously consider which platforms are best suited to not only reach you target audience but also to grow on. More than 50% of social media audiences stop on videos on the feeds…especially when they are using mobile meaning access to your offerings are not only easier but also faces more competition.

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