5 Tips to Boost your Campaign on Social Media

Your marketing campaigns should absolutely be a part of your social media strategy and vice versa. The two work hand in hand to build your brand, create awareness in an organic and holistic manner and grow your community.

A campaign takes your brand offline and encourages your audiences to engage with you in real life whether its is a giveaway, competition or event. You are asking them to either take something or engage physically with your brand to build trust to be a long term member.

Your social media platforms are there to talk with your audience/market on how your offering offers a solution to their needs and wants. Naturally, you should include your social media strategy into the campaign plan thoroughly and effectively. Your campaign might not launch or run entirely on social media, but it’s a great way to create awareness and get your followers to heed to an important milestone or event that forms part of the buyers journey and their growth with your business.

Let’s take a look at my top 5 tips to boost your campaign on social media and how you can implement it in your social media strategy.

1. Allocate at least 50% to campaign content

Strategically allocate at least 50% of your in-feed communication to posts on the campaign. This means you should create content that speaks of the campaign so that is balances well into your other important brand messaging. Your campaigns should not compromise your core product/service offering but rather elevate it. My best advice is that you prepare your content well in advance to ensure a smooth roll out.

2. Create a Unique Hashtag

Create a one of a kind hashtag in the CTA if it is going to be an actual event where your followers can share their own content so it may sit on the platform. Use one campaign hashtag. Just one. Please. If you do need to use more to help a growing business account get better reach, mainly on Instagram, put those tags considerably lower from the main copy or in a comment.

Make sure those tags are also relevant to your target audience, your brand’s offering and help place your business in the right online communities/spaces

3. Campaign artwork needs to fit all digital platforms

Make sure the campaign artwork sits well in your social media platform headers and feeds where applicable. Ensure your tag line and hashtag is included in all copy as well as the accompanying visuals. It’s very important that the campaign design and copy is easy to read across both PC and mobile and can be easily used in your paid advertising.

In my experience, most of my website traffic came through my paid ads via mobile. Font size and design are so important here for audiences to see and understand the messaging and CTA.

4. Offer a Giveaway…that’s relevant to the campaign

Offer a Giveaway that ties in well with the campaign objectives. It doesn’t have to be OTT, just something to give back to your followers on your strongest social media platform (or the platform you really need to boost growth on) to add some hype. This helps boost awareness, engagement and actual offline activity which is extremely valuable.

5. Include all sponsors/partners in your campaign messaging

Does you campaign involve a partnership/sponsorship? Be sure to include them in mentions on all your platforms, even where you cannot tag them. You’ll need to show the benefits of working with you and to other prospective brands who can see the value of a partnership with you in the future.

This will really help with your reporting to show the actual numbers in terms of reach for your partners. It will also help YOU gain better insight in your social media strategy and content planning to better communicate to your audiences.

There are obviously more ways to incorporate your campaign communications into your social media strategy! I have left our quite a bit of details but that can go on forever as each product/service offering will differ and depending on your location! Let me know your thought and tops tips in the comment section below.

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Thanks for reading