5 Tips for Paid Digital and Social Ads

Paid social and digital ads are probably the hardest part of a digital marketer’s job. It’s not simply boosting posts to our followers, proper audience targeting can lead to healthy market growth in your socials that can convert into leads.

Taking the lazy route to keep boosting ads to your followers only or allowing automatic targeting can have huge consequences for your brand and ultimately waste your money. While this topic is a post in itself as we can debate and delve rather deep into best target audience practices, for now I’m going to share just the top 5 tips to help guide you when preparing and managing paid ads on your social media and digital platforms.

1. Understand the brief and who the campaign is targeting

Most likely the campaign is trying to reach out to a specific group in your following or looking to grow a specific audience to be a part of your brand. Establish this to help set up your targeting.

2. New Target Audiences need to be coherent with the brand

The last thing you want is to simply reach a new audience with zero interest in your brands’ core values. Look into your metric and analytics via your CRM, Google Analytics and engagement over the past year to help make sound decisions and if the campaign. Does you brand already have the desired demographic and audience?

3. All Design Elements & Collateral Need to be Consistent

Make sure the collateral used in the ads and promotional content has all elements that align with your core brand. The campaign and the CTA must be clear. You can use different versions of it in banners, video or images depending on the platform you are boosting it on. Let’s face it, we digital marketers often need to be able to create and design these elements so make choose your visuals and tone well.

4. Monitor the paid ads/campaigns daily

Make sure the ads are driving relevant traffic to the designated website/link and that they are increasing page session, clicking on all links, growing your platforms and engaging where applicable. Poor targeting can lead to quick unsubscribe rate and a high bounce rate.

5. PPC and SEO are aligned

Make sure your PPC campaigns are aligned with the SEO for your campaign! This is essential for ranking your core products and services on search engines. Your digital content plan will be your driving force.

I hope these tips will help you better set up your targeting on your social media and digital platforms. Take time to understand your current market before reaching out to a new one. You are building community and brand personas at the same time.

Also, make sure you are setting up those ads in Meta/Facebook Ads Manager!

Thank you