4 Tips on How Social Media Can Help Your Brand Today

The marketing industry is changing. Rapidly. Digital is fast paced but social media even more so. Social media has been a major game changer in brand building and how we communicate our culture and present our business in a very saturated online market both locally and globally.

The moment you decide to put your brand on any social media platform, you have a responsibility to stay relevant and stand by your audience on matters that extend beyond your offerings. COVID has ultimately forced the way businesses need to communicate to make sure you do not lose out on market share and make your brand readily available at all times.

How pointless is all your digital efforts and money if you cannot drive traffic to your website? Social media is a key tool to not only create awareness, but also drive traffic…and more importantly..relevant traffic. You want to the right market share/s to convert into serious leads after all.

Still not sure about putting your brand on social media? Here are my top 4 tips on how it can help build your brand right now in the 21st Century.

1. It offers an opportunity to build brand culture

Brand culture is so important today. Your customer/consumer is looking to align their values with the right brand as more people are becoming cautious on HOW and WHERE they spend their hard-earned money. With the brands all going digital, you are forced to compete with many online and on social media. You will need to make your audience feel noticed and a part of something much bigger that your brand personality presents and actively is a part of. READ MORE ON BRAND PERSONALITY HERE

2. It helps you stay relevant to your market’s values

You can learn so much about your market everyday on social media. From the accounts who actively engage with your content to those who tag you publicly to show how they feel about your offerings. Social media offers a real window into the type of audiences you are attracting and what type of personal and professional values they are living out. You can make better decisions in choosing what to say or stand by based on these insights.

Daring to share your market’s core value systems that affect their communities, countries and socio-economic well-being and stand by them can gain you the credibility you need and grow into even more markets. SEE NIKE EXAMPLE HERE

3. It can offer an opportunity to not only grow with you audience but also gain new ones

As stated in the previous tip, your brand needs to keep evolving with the times. Digital is fast-paced. Whether there is a new social platform, software offering or technological breakthrough; technology and access to it is fast and easy and it always comes down to how these changes affect society.

Understand how each platform affects your markets and really look at how the different platforms brings out different sides of their personalities. In fact, many only opt to believe and live on selected platforms. This inevitably, diversifies your market share.

4. It helps you gain important insight on key communication points to sell/gain support from your market through your advertising.

Take heed to the type of content that is really ranking high and/or getting the most engagement on your various communication platforms. This shows how much your audience enjoys certain types of content and who to better position and market your product/service offerings on an array of online and offline media.

The minute you start getting messages and comments enquiring where and how they can directly access the said product/service…you know you are on the right track.

You must realise that brand credibility lies a lot on its social media. Today, many check out the brand’s social media accounts just to see if it really exists! If you plan on growing your brand into the future, you will need to own your space on these social platforms.

Thank you