4 Things I Learnt from Collaborating with Social Media Influencers

Most brands have most likely collaborated with social media influencers today. While it’s a new marketing channel, there still seems to be much confusion regarding how to work with them.

Overall, it comes down to proper research, knowing your audience and where they are looking for information.

So far, working with influencers has been a delight for me and the business. It’s really down to working TOGETHER and mutual respect. Yes, I prefer to pay them for their services as is a professional exchange. However, if you are going to work with them based on trade exchange or paid collaboration, the rules to building good relationships with other brands and media remains the same.

Remember, while influencers are brands with amazing marketing platforms in their own right, they are still people. It’s because of this personable aspect that we come to love and appreciate that connection with them. Your brand will also need to meet up to this level to your customer and followers.

Below are 4 top learnings from my experience working successfully with social media influencers!

1. The relationship remains and should grow even long after the collaboration and campaign period.

Add your influencers on a media list and keep them on the same list as any other media publications, broadcaster etc. where your brand can and has already gotten relevant exposure. This way they are looped in on all the important events and important campaigns coming up. Don’t forget to make sure you are following each other on social media.

2. The media represent your acquired and current audience. They will continue to provide valuable insight into that audience.

On following each other make sure you are also engaging and actually watching their development and content regularly. Remember a collaboration is the start of growing one another’s audiences and your market share.

3. They are your brand ambassadors

This is very true as their association will always be with you. Your support to and from one another will have a lasting impact and create incredible brand relevancy on both parties. Make sure you are aligned at all times.

4. Continue to nurture your online relationships with them on their platforms – engagement is key to your account and brand growth too in the world of algorithms.

We can all grow from one another with collaborations and through relevant accounts. More important is to also watch what content they are posting and what can also work for your brand and audience! Engage with them and make sure they engage with you. With algorithms constantly changing on social media platforms, you will want to reach and network digitally across theirs and other relevant accounts. Right now, nothing beats organic growth on social media.

Have you collaborated with social media influencers yet? What was your experience and did it meet your expectations?

Thanks for reading