5 Top Reasons Why your CRM System Matters

Every Digital Marketer needs to work with a CRM. You are most likely in charge of generating and nurturing valuable leads for the business as well. Nothing can help you better than a good CRM system.

What is a CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and there are lots of amazing software systems and platforms to help you manage your database. Depending on your business model, size and growth phase, your CRM system will play an integral part in capturing serious leads from the awareness, consideration and decision stages for your offering.

Of all the tools a digital marketer and business needs, the CRM system ranks in the top 5 essential tools you’ll need. This, of course, depends how well you integrate it into your other online platforms and how you use it.

Today, there are a lot of CRM systems to suit a variety of business needs and they offer a plethora of amazing communication and data insight tools.

Here are some of my core reasons on why your CRM system matters to your business:

1. Helps define your core market share

The website visitors, followers and customers who sign-up for your communications should be your a priority. They have made a special effort to know about your business offerings and many CRM systems can track key customer movements and interests through a form or email. Through this you can learn so much about their interests and types of communication they are asking for.

2. Control over how often and when you want your customers to hear or see you

While social media platforms have complete control over the algorithms, your CRM is in your control. Want to send important information and have it be seen now? You do not need to rely on using the preferred tools to compete with other accounts in your CRM emails, phone messages etc. as your subscribers have voluntarily requested direct information when you want them to know about it.

Take advantage of this and focus on growing your audience and customer niche. Implement that strategy to make sure their requests and interest are met.

3. Real opportunity to talk and nurture customers

You will most likely be using our CRM system to send out e-newsletters. Your CRM also provides dashboards with many insights based on the engagement of your leads with each email, e-commerce platform and form. This will provide you enough information to segment and even customise your messaging on your digital platforms.

They took the time or to subscribe and follow you one extra step, why not do the same for them?

4. Collects valuable data, insights and serious leads

A good CRM provides businesses with a variety of customer insights wherever it is integrated in your online tools.

It will also show who exactly is interested in what and how to start better segmenting your markets to provide them the right information and offers. Your subscribers list are most likely your hard core followers who comprise of both B2C and B2B type customers. It also allows you to speak and understand your buyer from every phase of the journey and helps you create better strategies for closing sales to customers.

Many also have automated tools to help take out the hard work, especially of you are a small team. Your CRM will depend on your business goals such as how much details you want and need on a lead or how easy it will be to use and assimilate the data over time.

5. Can connect and create valuable leads on almost any digital platform

Depending on the package you take out with the CRM, you can pretty much integrate it into anything online from social media, your website pages, e-commerce tools and more. Even if you cannot take out the latest and most expensive packages (because CRM systems can get pricey), you can still use the core basics of creating lists of those who clicked on links and where they filled in forms on emails sent.

Once integrated and the information comes pouring in from customers and visitors, you can now better define your communications strategy across those platforms and see what other tools you need to start using.

Overall, the data collected and engagement of the customers can show what needs to be highlighted and changed on your digital platforms and where most of them prefer to see you offerings.

Some businesses will focus on aesthetics, others engagement for better automation…and some both. Whatever stage you are at in your business or industry or desired target market, your CRM system is one of the key factors into managing your market share especially when you have that big ROI to achieve in a deadline.

What CRM Systems have worked best for you and which ones do you recommend?

Till next time,