6 Tips for a Killer Media Press Drop

Let’s face it…there is something exciting about a well packaged product that can get your excited and if you work in media a press drop is nothing short of a thrill.

Press drops are usually a great way of showing off your product and brand that is smart, immersive and a great way to get creative. If you are going to hand them over to the media and social media influences, it will also help inspire them to create more focused content to benefit them and you.

While I am in digital, you will be involved with a bit of PR to best show your offerings off when dealing with social media and influencers regardless of the platform. Right now Instagram d iTok trump the best to show off a press drop wit short and fund video and images.

A good press drop can carry over to a variety of online platforms if done well and with effort. Here are my tips for creating good press drops to help promote and event, launch, campaign or new product!

1. Include your product that best fits your brand’s campaign

Invest a bit into you press drop and includes a goodie or two from your offerings that best either represent your band or that of the campaign. If it’s a new product launch, then include it if an event one of the items that best present your company’s association or is on special offer.

2. Add something interactive to best show off your product

Whether it be a customised glass, fun piece of costume jewellery or edibles let their unboxing take on a new level with something the media/influencer can show how to enjoy your offering in real life. It really helps build hype and good association with your offering.

3. Put in something complimentary to your offering

What pairs and goes well with your product/s and campaign that will show it off best. Think about how you can delight adding special o traditional holiday item such as cookies, chocolates, gift wrapping, recipes, vouchers, decorations etc to add a twist or unique angle to your product or how fun it will be to the event.

4. Pack in a “taste” of what customers can experience for the product or at the event

These items will help audiences get a strong idea of what to expect at the event or from the campaign offer. Make sure all elements included can be used with every aspect of the brief. Audiences connect best with what they know so find a way to weave in the offering with familiarity and some fun.

5. Include a proper brief giving an outline for the unboxing so the “why, what, who (and when)” are all clear.

Don’t neglect to give a strong and clear brief so your messaging and banding is heard and while being aligned with that of the media’s messaging style. Include all the important call to actions so the post can contain all the right visual cues and the purpose of each item is well known.

6. If for social media, make sure it’s also aligned with the media’s feed and messaging.

After you have done your research on who to send your press pack to, make sure your content and offerings form part of the influencers feed and they have the right audience who will well understand and be interested in your message.