7 Content Ideas to Grow on Social Media

“Content is king,” we have all heard this before, that’s because it IS!

In the world of digital marketing, you need to stand out among competitors vying for the same spot on search engines, algorithms, and social media feeds. Digital platforms today rely heavily on visuals to catch the audience’s attention. As the digital marketer, you are tasked with creating visuals, both images and copy, to reach, delight, and motivate your audiences.

In this post, I will focus solely on content ideas for social media. Later on, I will share content ideas and tips for other digital platforms such as your ads and website, which are crucial and can ultimately define the content you put on your social media or any other digital platforms.

1. What does the business offer? Show and promote its core products/services weekly.

It’s important to clearly define what your business offers and the problems it can solve for your customers. If your business offers a range and variety of products and services, highlight each one individually and together. However, avoid copy and paste repetition by tapping into your creativity and considering both your current and new customers who have just found you! This will help you tailor your messaging and effectively communicate the unique value proposition of your business

2. Talk about its offerings in different ways to reach its audience and various segments.

While you may have defined your ideal target market, chances are you have quite a diverse market share. There will be customers with various backgrounds and needs for your offerings. Conduct research and start looking at what visual cues and topics appeal most to the various segments. This will help you grow in that market while retaining existing customers. By understanding the needs and preferences of your diverse customer base, you can create content that resonates with them and establish a stronger connection with your audience.

3. Get creative on the visuals. Whether its design or photography, show your offering from different perspectives.

Your challenge here is to diversify how you market and communicate your offerings while still staying on brand. Whether you employ a content creator or outsource to an agency, you will need to have a strong brand identity established to work from. In my experience, showing off your offerings from different perspectives can also help grow your audience. By presenting your offerings in a fresh and unique way, you can attract new customers while still staying true to your brand identity. Overall, it’s about answering the Who? What? Where? When?

4. For products: show it at different angles, various relevant backgrounds, setting and in action.

Where will your product be used and/or be seen? Who is using or buying it (Talk to each one of these segments in your market share!)? What are you offering and what needs/wants is it fulfilling? When does your customer need it and your market need to know about it?

5. For services: Talk about it at different viewpoints, how it can solve various problems, get creative with branded design slides.

The same questions still apply as the previous point, but here a lot of your communications will require text. Once you have established your branding guidelines, you can effectively talk from a strong voice and audiences can better identify you.

6. Follow your desired audiences and competitors to see what communications and trends they use.

Research does not mean only looking at reams of data and dashboards. It also means actively getting involved on various platforms to see what your competitors are doing. You can start following accounts that fit your desired audience and see how they communicate and engage. Ask yourself how you fit in and how you can stand out.

By immersing yourself in your industry and observing your competitors and target audience, you can gain valuable insights that will help you differentiate your brand and improve your content strategy.

7. Use the platforms tools to your advantage for reach and promotion.

Know what works best on your social media platforms and use the available tools. Your audience is on these platforms because they delight and work for them personally, so tap into that. Most platforms are free and do not require a large budget to create content. These days, the more authentic and genuine you are, the better. Of course, this will depend on your business branding.

Let’s face it, never before has creativity been more crucial to your business’s success.

It is a much-needed skill that has become highly valued. What content ideas have worked for you? How have they opened up new audiences and customers?

By reflecting on what has worked in the past, you can identify areas for improvement and develop a successful social media content strategy that resonates with your target audience.

That’s just the top 7 that has worked for me and for a very very small marketing and content team. I know it is just the essentials, but these are priority on my list especially when you are juggling a lot of platforms and duties alone.

Let me know what has worked as great content ideas in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,