6 Tips for Driving Traffic to your Website

One of a digital marketer’s core goals is to drive traffic to the business’s website. While large numbers are good, more important is driving the right traffic of users that will become valuable leads and customers over the short to long term.

Many digital marketers go about implementing strategic lead funnels for the various offerings and types of customers the business would like to attract.

Healthy amounts of traffic to your website still help you rank well for branded and non-branded searches, especially when there is high competition for your offering online. Here are my tips for driving holistic and relevant traffic to your website today:

1. Social Media

Your communication strategy will play a core role here as you inform and delight your audiences on your core and new offerings. Consistent communications are key to gaining awareness and growing your accounts so that it will prompt followers and to become visitors to your website. The content needs to tie in well with your website and even offer different links to various pages for customers wanting direct access to various products and services immediately.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Organic SEO helps drive traffic and rank your pages through SERPS. Do research on your audience and get a good SEO tool to help you gain proper insights into your competitors to help you create an effective SEO strategy. Well-implemented SEO helps you rank better and reach the right customers.

Make sure it aligns with your marketing strategy and offerings on all your communication platforms. You’ll need to keep content fresh on your website and blog and that all content is SEO-optimized regularly at least once a month.

3. Paid Digital Advertising

Paid digital has many options and can be very competitive. The best way to stand out and drive the traffic you want is to make sure the ads you put out are well-aligned with your websites. Branding and copy are everything to help drive valuable leads to your website and to make sure you are actually delivering on their request and search. The last thing you want is a high bounce rate, so make sure your paid digital ads for AdWords or PPC ads are relevant. For example, make sure your ad is but a snippet of the bigger picture that is your website or intended landing page.

4. Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media ads allow a bit more flexibility in their ads that let you add a creative visual element. Of course, the content relies completely on the platform. Whether you are promoting a special event or offering, paid social if done right can drive your audiences to your website and gain new visitors and leads.

There are many ways to approach your paid social media strategy to also convert followers into leads who have not yet become already. Make sure you have your pixel installed and your budget well planned.

5. E-newsletters

Leads don’t always mean customers. Leads are social media followers and those who sign up personally to learn more about your communications directly. Your CRM management can play a big role in how you manage those one-on-one communications with your most devoted audience. For the e-newsletters to drive traffic, they must be consistent and effort will have to be put in to help build expectation and interest over time. Ideally, customized emails can be sent to various segments in your database.

That will depend on how big your marketing team is and who can allocate time just to do that as it can be challenging managing multiple communication platforms at a time. Workflows can help drastically here.

6. Third-Party Media

In my opinion, the top methods to also help drive traffic are partnering with relevant media publications and influencers. For me, guest features and articles on relevant websites promote your offerings. Backlinking has an array of benefits. If done right, it can help rank your website and drive relevant traffic that comes from the other website if they have a strong and good presence online.

Social media influencer marketing has also proved to be a great way to drive traffic not just to your page accounts, but also your website. The right communication strategy can always make it worth the followers while to actually make the effort to get off the app and click to your website!

I know that each section listed here can be a post in its own. In fact, some areas require their own job and department within a specific industry too. How have these above ways helped drive traffic and what else would you add? Please share in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading