Sydney, Australia: The Sailing City Of Oz

In 2011, I took a short holiday down under to Australia! I was based only on the East Coast and it was the opportunity to meet up with a friend of mine also vacationing in the country!

I was staying in Melbourne, but I decided to travel to another coastal city in my short time.  We decided to take a budget flight to Sydney from Melbourne to save on time.

The Beaches

Beaches are an all important must on my trips! I went in late November, so it was summer time. We were staying near Dee Why, so I was spoilt with both a small tidal pool and a white sandy beach.

The city itself is clean, spacious and has a cool and easy vibe to it. As a Cape Town native, I love being near the sea and there’s just something special about living and being near the coast. Sydney also offers this as the sea runs through the city and suburban areas. This is especially great if you live down South in a hot country.

Sydney Harbour: City of Brides & Ferry Rides

Sydney Harbour

A must-see is the famous Sydney Opera House. It’s really beautiful, but sadly for me it was an overcast and rainy day. However, the opera house is really interesting inside, and it has and indoor and outdoor restaurant. It’s also used for performances, various events and conferences. The interior had a real art deco/70s vibe.

The Opera House was an adventurous design to create a one of a kind theatre where the exterior had to imitate the white sails of a yacht gliding above the Pacific Ocean. The architecture is pretty impressive, and today’s it has become an iconic symbol for the country.

The famous Sydney Harbor Bridge is just across from the Opera House. If you have time and are daring enough, you can go up it and walk along it! It’s def on my list to do should I return one day.


Me on the ferry with travel hair

I was lucky to catch a few Aboriginal didgeroo players playing traditional dreamtime music at the harbor and bought a CD as a gift.

You can take cars, trains, buses and ferries to go from port to port daily. I used both bus and ferry from my lodgings and to the city. It’s relaxing and fun. It also offers great photographic opportunities!


Nature: Taronga Zoo

This large and beautiful zoo is situated across the bay from the Opera House. It houses an amazing collection of local marsupials and other animals from across the world in rehabilitation. Best thing is you get the opportunity to get real close to them, a great opportunity to see a kangaroo or koala!



The bird avery is a highlight, with a wonderful walk through to see them up close. You’ll get to see some of Australia’s native birds which are full of beautiful colours.

You can even take a cable car down or up in the zoo or to go to the nearest ferry to the city centre!

The Zoo is a good idea should you want to get in a bit of wildlife or nature, especially if you don’t have time to go outside the city to explore Australia’s outback.


Ozzies also truly LOVE their Nandos just as South Africans do! You can find a Nandos on practically every corner in the city. This South African chain restaurant truly is the best in the world.

Otherwise, food in Australia is really good, with a good selection of restaurants that will please the carnivore in you. The street food is just as good, and most vendors and take-outs are open throughout the night in the city centre.



They also have amazing seafood! They even have hake, for those fish and chip lovers.

Overall, Sydney really impressed me. You’d never think you at the end of the very world. In a way Australia, is an extension of Asia. However, its fusion of East meets West has made it popular for with its dynamic city life and vibrant multicultural community. It’s a gorgeous city with lots to see and experience!

Travel Tips:

  • Sydney is  HUGE. If you want to be near the city and attractions such as the Opera House, try finding accommodation in the city. I was in the suburb and it can take an hour just to reach the city with bus.
  • Take the ferry at least once and see the city from the outside.
  • Choose a clear day to take your Opera House pics, I think it’s better.
  • The Zoo allows you to get close up to adorable little Koala Bears, kangaroos and wallabies. See more on their website:
  • Sydney is expensive. It does import a lot of goods so prices can be quite high on various goods e.g batteries etc.