Top Style Trends for South Africa in 2020

It’s a bit hard not being able to be out in the world right now and see what styles are hitting our streets, malls and store clothing racks. The most important thing is that we stay safe during this time and do our part to flatten the curve to see Covid-19 be eliminated as soon as possible. I thought I’d give fashion blogging a skip during this time, but interestingly enough I was surprised to see style posts (albeit at home) take a rise on social media. Most people are still posting their must-wear items by styling up at home and just eagerly awaiting the day they can show off their new threads once their respective lock down periods are over.

Fashion brands aren’t posting their collections or stock over eagerly like they used to and are opting to show their latest collection of face masks instead or how to videos to make your own. Yet, fashion and lifestyle bloggers from all over are still providing valuable insight into the current style trends that will definitely be hitting the streets after all of this. South Africa is also showing their latest desires and what they are itching to wear once we can go out again. So here are my top style predictions for womenswear in particular that will definitely be big this 2020.

The Satin Blouse

Elegant and stylish the satin blouse is something that can be worn for those going out occasions and for work. Satin is also perfect for our South African winters where we have those sunny warm days and it’s comfortable. The most popular style I’ve seen in the satin blouse is the puffy sleeve with a high neck and I personally like this style the most. Ruffled, plain or edgy, this is one piece you’ll love in your closet.

satin blouse


Whimsical and romantic, organza is also a great fabric that is easy to wear and maintain. It doesn’t crease easily and you don’t need to necessarily iron it after a wash. The organza blouse is another popular piece to add and comes in variety of styles. It’s easy to style up or with a pair of jeans. They also create a pretty silhouette on the body and the best thing is that these come in a variety of fun colours.


The Boiler Suit

A close relation of the trusted jumpsuit, boiler suits are the next style trend to come on board. The boiler suit was first introduced as part of safety gear for men who would work in or near coal fuelled furnaces where maintenance as needed. The boiler suit is characterised by their tight fitting elasticated ends on the sleeve and pants, while the rest was loose to provide comfort. While the boiler suit in the store won’t be made our of fire protective materials, the style of the suit offers a comfortable fit for all body shapes while still being big on comfort. There’s already so many style and varieties from denim to cotton and fun colours and prints. This will be a fun one.

boiler suit

Square-toed footwear

The square-toed, block heeled mule has made a comeback to our shelves since last year. This style was huge in the early 2000s and every fashion magazine featured them in those glossy editorial spreads. I remember owning a square-toed boot in high school from my then favourite SA brand Zoom. The square-toed shoe is also healthier for your feet.

square mules

So that’s pretty much all I have gathered from social media over the past few weeks in lock down. I’m sure more trends will emerge after this period and I’m rather interested to see what they are!

Stay safe. Stay stylish




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