Fashion Week Summer/Spring 2019

For me, Fashion Week is one the most important B2B event on the industry. I break down these trends form the runways to share with you the insight of what we can expect on the store rails for the season. Fashion Week is great as we get to gain insight into what buyers will be investing into and more exciting, what kind of marketing strategies and content we’ll see! YAY! Not interested in the business side? Well….let’s look right into the fashion trends for Summer/Spring 2019!

The Formal Summer Jacket

ss19 formal jacket

Well, in my previous posts we saw it trending for men and it continued to appear in the recent Cruise Collections for Summer 2018. The key pieces seem to add a much more refined look and the materials used are just right for work. It seems we rin for a more sophisticated summer, or are more calling for comfortable pieces through the hot seasons?


ss19 two piece

Whether a set with skirt and jacket or shorts and jacket, matching your tops with bottom were everywhere. There were different variations in them from across all runways, but it seems to be the key set to go from work to play.

Holiday Prints

ss19 prints

The runways were nothing short of colour this season! I loved it. All types of innovations of nature motifs symbolising summer blooms and plants graced the collections. Whether it was a retro holiday vibe of city and sea, holiday prints were a must. The level and frequency of print has definitely been pushed up a notch since the Cruise S/S19 collections. Prints of note: florals, tropical, classical motif patterns and industrial retro woodblock print.

Long and Flowy

ss19 flowing gowns

Loose, flowing pieces were also an essential on the catwalks this season. From pants, dresses, skirts and tops, fluid cuts that once again offered a relaxed look were key. It seems women are taking a break from form fitting dresses and pieces, as they opt for comfort and elegance. Oversized and flowing garments either done meticulously in cut or layered in the popular sheer fabrics. We have seen many diaphanous evening gowns and pieces to mix and match from day to night.

(Fabrics for SS19)


ss19 denim

Denim was a surprise textile for me. Every collection featured new jeans, or full looks in denim. We all love denim for its practicality and ease. In many ways, a casual fabric such as this expresses relaxation and a sense of comfort. It gives us insight into where society sill continues to choose jeans as a basic item that liberates the wearer.


ss19 sheer fabric

Sheer fabric is the go-to fabric for each key piece. Offering a sense of romance and delicacy, sheer fabric such as chiffon, silks, nylons etc. all found a place. Whether done in opulence or just a strip of it, sheer fabrics offer wearers freedom with a hint of sensuality. It looks like women will be investing in at least one key piece with sheer or transparent fabric or layers. Of course, what you choose it completely up to your personal style.

Trends for Summer/Spring 19

If anything, a sense of nonchalance and push toward freedom seems to be key factors to describe the mood for this season. Women are preferring to stick to traditional pieces such as blazers and while designers play with two piece suits to offer variety. Being able to go from casual to formal with you pieces will be major factors in what pieces they invest in the closets. I personally love a two-piece suit in summer with lined jacket and matching shorts!

Another major trend was a feel for romanticism. You can see how floral and nature motif prints were blown up all over the runways. There were no muted tones, and everyone seem to be vying to bold and loud colourful prints raging from romantic to retro. This of course, added with those flowing diaphanous gowns which how a yearning for faraway escapes and new stories under the sun.

S/S19 Runways of Note


They never fail to impress. What they can do under the glass roof of the Grand Palais is incredible. We’ve seen supermarkets, airports and now we had the beach. C’est Genial.

chanel-ss19 runway evening standard

Miu Miu

This runway was amazing. The cubist art created an amazing space.

miumiu runway ss19


Going back to what I said on a feel for freedom and movement, Dior took it to the next level. They had dancers all around the models to convey the psychological aspect of the pieces, mood and theme of the collection.

dior runway ss19

Why? What?

Thom Brownes’s swimwear collection is not for those who love swimming.

thom browne

St. Martin’s Central shows us what to do with ouma’s doilies.



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