Why I am Obsessed with Jamie Chua

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am obsessed with the ridiculously OTT rich Singaporean socialite, Jamie Chua. I LOVE following her on social media which documents her life spent shopping and indulging  in the best of life.  Let’s take a look into my favourite things about her and why she’s such a huge success in Asia.

I first heard of Jamie Chua when I saw a post on Facebook on a show called Bonkers Closet, which showcases the oversized walk-in closets of the rich and famous. Since seeing Jamie Chua’s finger-print access computerised closet that stores leagues of designer fashion…I was hooked. I have since been following her and enjoying all the triviality that comes with it.

Her Instagram

Curated would be an understatement. In one of her YouTube videos I spotted two mysterious people who loomed over her with a light reflector and professional camera. I therefore think she travels with her own private photographers.

Smothered in dreamy pink hues, flower petal baths and a beautiful overdose of flower walls are all what a girly girl’s insta-dreams are made of. Her Instagram doesn’t hide that her images are retouched. There’s only one way grey skies can go pink, or watch buffaloes wade through pastel savannah in the Kruger Park.

Her instagram is filled with the best of her fashion amidst beautiful backdrops and landscapes. Every image looks straight out of a Vogue editorial. She has her own flower walls at home for indoor shoots! Her feed includes her trips to the plastic surgeon, fat reduction sessions (she doesn’t do gym) and facials.

Her Youtube

Jamie recently re-launched her Youtube channels to take her Instastories to the next level.. They are filled with a sense of blissful nothingness. We see her dress up for shopping trips to buy more clothes for events, trips and travels.

jamie chua youtube

Why am I obsessed with Jamie Chua?

Firstly, it’s ridiculously fun. I also love following Instagram feeds that focus on destination dressing, it’s something I just enjoy. After having lived in South Korea and learning so much about Asian culture and perception of wealth and beauty, Jamie Chua is what embodies those very beliefs. Going extra, avoiding old age, flaunting famous brands and more importantly creating the perfect image.

What I found so interesting about celebrity culture in Korea was that the more fake it was, the better. In Western culture we’d be so quick to point out how unrealistic it is, give it an eye roll and look for something more “down to earth”.

In Asia showing wealth and OTT fantasy is blatant in adverts on TV, billboards, magazines or any marketing material. In cultures where hard work is so revered and to be the best, such fantasy offers the best escape.

Also, I will confess that 2019 was the year I replaced Hello Kitty with Jamie Chua. They both seem unable to age and live for indulging in pretty things with even prettier backgrounds. I’ll always be a fan of the Hello Kitty business franchise, it’s just time to for a change. Celebrity figures, whether real or not, in Asian popular culture do follow a strategic branding model and it works. This fascinates me.

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Oh……and then there was this one time I…..


The Luminous One

Her main money earner is actually in the beauty industry. While her personal lifestyle is indulging in luxury and designer fashion (they don’t sponsor btw) her image and reputation makes her perfect for being an ambassador for an array of Asian beauty brands. She also has her own skin brand The Luminous One which is in reference to her image.

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Shine on Jamie Chua.