5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Personality

The Business of Fashion recently published an article online about how GEN Z prefers to respond to Brand personality and why it was so important. I think it goes beyond the needs of Gen Z, as brand personality is needed to reach all markets using all and any digital platform…especially social media.

Today’s audiences are saturated with many options that spill into their social media feeds offering them solutions or products they seek. You will need to stay in the game and how your business is presented will impact how well you can gain their trust, following and purchase. Gone are the days when the only communication sounded neutral or like a press release for launches and important business news. One way communication is a thing of the past and how you communicate to your audience as a person is important for growth and staying relevant.

Here are my top 5 reasons why Brand Personality is important is you have an online presence today.

It helps you make a real connection

If your brand is promoting itself on any digital platform, you are faced with heavy competition no matter what the product or service offering is.

The internet has opened up a lot of businesses to everyone with the touch of a button and you need to stand out. Your brand persona needs to speak, think and present itself with the right communication at all times. In social media, you are there to open up a dialogue, a conversation on your market/audience’s values and how your offering fits in and grows with them. Stay relevant.

It helps better understand your positioning

Defining your brand persona will bring in valuable insight in where to spend your money to promote your brand. It can help define where and how to promote your offerings and ultimately define price to push for soft and hard conversion.

Personality = 3 Dimensionality

Nobody’s personality is simply black and white. Personality means you have various aspects to you that appeal to a wide range of personas. This is no different for your business brand as you attract various sides of your market while also discovering new ones in the process. This ultimately leads to product/service innovation and growth.

Your communication improves

You can better define your communication strategy across all your digital platforms to help nurture the buyer journey from awareness to purchase. From copy, video to photo…your content will be on par with your audience’s current topics while providing the solutions they seek.

To be relevant

Nobody wants to hear a business talk to your like an official and neutral press release…unless you are solely targeting Boomers or it’s something serious your need to address. You get to understand and better prepare your content and marketing strategies, especially for social media. You’ll also know how to better address serious socio-political issues that are important to your market such as the environment, political unrest and more.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with brand persona. After all, as marketers we draw up buyer personas all the time so it makes sense to be able to connect with them as people.

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