Cafe Dior in Seoul

After having visited Madame Coco Chanel’s apartment in Rue Cambon and studying fashion management in France, I started taking a more serious interest in luxury brands. The world of luxury fashion and lifestyle is a fascinating one, so when I heard that Dior was opening a dessert café in my beloved Seoul city, I had to check it out!

For those who love the glamour of fashion, we all know the name Dior exudes a luxury, femininity and opulence. Over the year Dior’s brand has grown as the brand that defines beauty and sophistication in its design and look. So when they opened up the Dior Café in Seoul, South Korea, they extended that sense of opulence into taste.

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Why a Dior Dessert?

These days, mere clothing collections and runway shows are not enough to keep a brand in the running. Many big designer luxury brands are keeping up the pace by offering more than just beautiful clothes by opening up to more lifestyle options. One of these lifestyle options has extended to food. You’ll notice how some designers have personally designed private hotel suites, opened art galleries and even go as far as designing surf boards. This is how many major brands are trying to define their market further by reaching into their customers’ pleasures in style.

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Hence, Dior finally creating a taste to their brand in the form of a beautiful dessert Café!

Where is it?

The Dior Café is situated in the high end and trendy area of Cheongdum in Seoul. The streets here are home to many famous international local luxury and designer brands. The café is located on the top floor of the Dior flagship store. The store itself is unmissable with its unique faced imitating a beautiful gift being unwrapped, as the silk like exterior falling to the ground.

cafe dior seoul cheongdam

Dessert by Pierre Herme

I am not a sweet person. So naturally, I had never heard of Pierre Herme, the famous pastry and chocolatier from France. He is well known for his delicious desserts and is known as the ‘Picasso of Pastry” in the fashion and food world in France and Europe.

Cafe dior seoul strawberry pf

cafe dior seoul room

Pierre Herme was asked to design the desserts for the Dior Café in Seoul. Using the best ingredients, the desserts are beautifully executed in style. They are all photo worthy, and you won’t find a single customer not snapping up their desserts with their phones.

The Dior Café

You will first have to walk through the beautifully designed store. Each floor looks more like a room in a modern art gallery with installations, multimedia and beautiful art works.

Located on the 6th floor, you enter the beautifully decorated café. The décor comprises of chic white and grey modern furnishings, while the fragmented ornamentation with soft lighting above the dessert counter area.

Half the room is surrounded by large glass doors which allows plenty of natural light to spill in and reflected on all the mirrored pieces in the room.

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The Dessert Cafe is placed on the rooftop of the store. It’s just another beautiful space to enjoy with outdoor seating and views of the area.

The Desserts!

As I don’t like sweets, actually choosing a dessert was really hard. I tried to look for the most appealing, yet least sweet dessert. In the end I opted for the Strawberry Parfait, while my friend opted for the Millifeulle Infiniement Vanille. Take a look:

cafe dior strawberry parfait served

cafe dior seoul millifeulle vanilla 2

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Me & Dior Dessert

Even though I don’t like sweets, I’d still recommend a visit to this beautiful café. Café culture is huge in Korea, so opening a luxury designer one in Seoul was a good move from Dior. The design on the store exterior and interior is a sensory experience in itself.

Cafe dior desserts

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